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Top 10 Vacation Spots in Africa


Where we can spend our vacation? A big question must come in to your mind, when you get the vacation. So I have a very nice solution on this question; that is Africa vacations. It is a very beautiful and great continent; its largeness and the diverse and exotic animals and many delightful landscapes to enjoy. There are numbers of charming vacation spots, where you will defiantly enjoy your vacations. So concentrate because now you are going to verbal visit to all the best Africa vacations places.

Safari in Malawi

First we are going to give visit to Malawi; it is the most fun and enjoyable place, where tourist gives visit. In Malawi, you will visit the national parks; here you can see the various types of animals. When you will be in the area of Nyika, must visit Lake Malawi.

Safari in Namibia

Now we are visiting the Namibia, here you can find the Etosha Park and Game Reserve. This is very elegant park; you will see the real wildlife and nature at its best because in Namibia, there is little influence of human. The South Africa and Botswana are the neighboring area of Namibia, that’s why you can’t fail to find yourself in deserts on one day and jungles the next day.

Kenya Safari

Now be ready to experience the wildlife adventure, because at this point we are at Kenya. Which is identification is wildlife. Here you will get the chance to see watching the animals, game viewing, in their natural habitats live. If you will do camp there, you won’t forget the sleep of under the delightful African sky in you lifetime.

Tanzania Safari

Tanzania the complete safari tour where you get to see great game parks and get a chance to being closer to nature’s wild animals like the, buffaloes, lions, elephants etc. there is one more thing that you must do that go on the ride of Great Rift Valley and see more and more Africa’s amazing creatures. You can also do camping over there.

Serengeti is next destination of Africa vacations; it is another famous location of tourists. Here you can see the lions and leopards that are the world’s top predators. This national park also includes another wild creature such as elephants and rhinoceros, giving you a full experience of an African safari.

Safari in Botswana

Chobe national park is situated in Botswana. We will get the taste of the wild tablelands and fertile grasslands. In Botswana, you can also see the great Kalahari Desert. If you have craze of wild creatures then Botswana safari is best for you.

These are the best vacation spots of Africa, so let’s start to pack the bags and all the way to Africa.


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