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Wonderful Experiences at the Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park

Visit the beautiful region of Southern Africa, and enjoy the fascinating surroundings here. Northern Namibia here is an enchanting destination with the best kind of wildlife sanctuaries and the most beautiful game viewing experiences. Visit the Etosha National Park and enjoy the simple ambiance of this beautiful paradise.

With the sights of springboks and zebras, travels here are an endless ecstasy and a mix of wildlife enchantment and amazing memories. The waterholes also attract wild animals like antelopes, lions, elephants, and the now endangered black rhinoceros.

Etosha meaning a place of dry water is a  depression in this part of Africa and is located around a flat calcrete depression. This “Pan” is a lovely mirage in this stretch of thorn scrubs and savannah grasslands. The pan has water after the rains and it lasts only for a few days. This is however enough to encourage the growth of the blue-green algae, which forms a beautiful sight here. Add to this the fact that there are innumerable flamingos dominating the region, and you have a perfect travel adventure spot in this part of fascinating African tours.

Etosha is a lovely sanctuary for wild animals and is a very accessible region. You have great facilities for game viewing at the enchanting waterholes. Come here in the dry season of June to November and you are sure to take back with you a memorable travel kitty. The waterholes are floodlit in the night thus making it even more exciting.

The water areas attract the game herds, which is the major attraction for all the tourists coming here. They love to see the mammal species, around 150 of them in this beautiful park, and also get enthralled by the added sights of the endangered Gemsbok, Black-faced Impala, and the Tsessebe.

Okaukuejo, Namuttoni and Halali are three beautiful rest camps here which make the tours to Etosha National Park comfortable in tours to South Africa.


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