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Tips for Self-drive Car Rental in Uganda


Uganda is a beautiful country by nature which every travelers would opt to visit. Some have preferred to explore this amazing East African interior by away of renting a car and take a self-drive. Booking a self-drive in Kampala, Uganda is one of the most exciting traveling mode available, and this is trending.

It’s very important when planning to explore the Pearl of Africa, and have a right guide that can back up a perfect self-drive tour. Before making your vehicle reservation reserving your car, there is a lot more to cross-check because a Uganda self-drive trip goes beyond just renting a car and hitting the road to your destination.

Have a reliable car rental agency

Finding a trusted, reliable self-drive car rental company in Uganda can be challenging but it is one significant step any self-drive traveler must consider when renting a car in Uganda. Very few self-drive car hire companies in Uganda do provide excellent 4×4 self-drive tour vehicles. While on a self-drive tour in Uganda and you plan to go off-road in Ugandan National Parks/National Reserves then 4×4 rental cars are the best options not saloon/sedan cars.

4×4 rental cars in Uganda are the best for navigating through the wilderness areas because the roads aren’t tarmacked like it is a case in Kampala Capital City or most urban areas. Vehicles with low power and low ground clearance aren’t a good choice for this case. When searching for a self-drive car hire company, make sure that you deal with one that is fully registered and has some experience in arranging self-drive tours.

Select a perfect vehicle for self-drive

For all your self-drive trips in Uganda, make sure that you look for a reliable car preferably fulltime 4×4 vehicle. Go Further 4×4 Car Rental has offered to avail safari vehicles which are in a perfect mechanical conditions. Among out fleets to cruise with in Uganda include; 4×4 land cruiser TX our maiden safari vehicle, Land cruiser V8/VX/GX, Nissan Patrol and Safari land cruiser. Avoid aged and not serviced vehicles as they can breakdown while on your way to explore remote areas like Kidepo Valley National Park. Hire a car in Uganda with us and be guaranteed of a smooth self-drive tour. All our self-drive rental cars are highly modified to suit the kind of Kenyan roads which makes them exceptional from the rest. When planning to travel in large groups, a tour van serves best or 4×4 land cruiser.

Have necessary requirements for self-drive in Uganda

Have all what is necessary to rent a car when on self-dive, these including having a valid international driving permit. Also should have a valid passport and tourist visa, the tourist visa is given in your country before arriving in Uganda and it is valid for 90 days. Most often, international driving licenses are required for you to drive on Uganda roads but it is important to find out other requirements as well. At times, you are required to be locally licensed if you are to drive or hire say a tour van.

No need to buy extra insurance

However, this sometimes it depends on the policy of a certain company. All rental for safaris and self-dive are insured by third party and comprehensive policy. The comprehensive policy caters for vehicle but not people in the vehicle. So, when having issues with insurance it’s advisable to ask if your domestic insurance providers have your insurance package when on a self-drive in Uganda. It’s dangerous for the car to hit on the road without an insurance and Go Further 4×4 Car Rental has ensured that all its car rentals for self-drive have the third party insurance.

Inclusive and exclusive on a self-drive rental car rates

When renting a self-drive car in Uganda, find out what the cost of hiring a car includes or excludes. Most times, the self-drive car hire companies include only the cost of renting a car and they exclude fuel, park fees, driver allowances and others. Other self-drive agencies/companies may require you to give a refundable security deposit that covers any car damage which you may cause.

Explore your routes

Before hitting the road to your self-drive destination, make sure that you have explored fully your routes and where possible download a GPS route using your device/phone. Arranging your self-drive trip with us is of added advantage as you get all that you need from the destinations, safety, rates, type of vehicle to use to road conditions.

Check the vehicle before hitting the road

Is your self-drive rental ready to hit the road for long journeys, don’t just go with any vehicle but it must be ready. A self-drive vehicle need to be maintained in a perfect mechanical condition. The road is just Car road worthiness is key to ascertain before you hit the road to Kidepo Valley National Park, Pain Upe Game Reserve, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, among others.  Cross-check the car’s engine power, road test the car a day before actual self-drive trip, check for oil leaks and entire car condition. As well, you can request the car hire company to provide you with servicing history of the car you plan to use.

Sign the self-drive car hire contract

Once you have decided on your Uganda self-drive car hire, you can go ahead to sign the agreement/contract and even pay for it. A photocopy of your driving license will be required as well as passport. Before signing, make sure that the terms and conditions/contract conditions have been fully read and understood.



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