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Get Up Close and Personal with Wild Rhinos in Namibia


When you transfer to the all-terrain safari vehicle and reach the desert rhino camp, the landscape is quite monumental and the valley is quite beautiful in Arizona. There are flat-topped mountains and n and many clusters of many chimneys of basalt and soft rock. All this arrives just out of the huge gravel plain. There are many drifts of silver grass that give this huge hill a red look and it almost makes the whole place look quite frosted. . Springbok and Oryx stand on the spines of suspended rocks to come up and catch some of that lovely breeze.

In the year nineteen hundred and seventy, Africa was populated with about sixty-five thousand rhinos. Now, these have been artificially turned into something of a subject of extinction because of the hunting for tusks and rhino skin.  The rhino horns are mainly taken for making handles of daggers that present themselves for a ceremonial situation of the rich Yemeni people.

Right now, there are just around four thousand rhino’s and there are many that are actually hiding out of here for a security which is for about twenty four hours. All this can be found only in the very remote parts of the beautiful Country of Namibia. . A rhino runs at the speed of about thirty five miles an hour, and sometimes they even reach about forty miles per hour.  Rhinos don’t have that great visions so don’t be afraid to stop and get a good look at them as they might not even spot you. This is probably a good time to get your binoculars out.

If the rhino starts coming toward you, the best thing to do would be to go behind a bush and keep moving backwards.  When the rhino actually stops in its path, it might take turn and this would give you a superb opportunity to take some awesome side profile camera shots.

Later when you return to camp, there might be a good chance to spot some leopards and cheetahs who might be whiling their evening along the river bed.

The largest wildlife park in the country is called Etosha. This park is a lovely drive through and it is almost like the famous Kruger Park in South Africa. According to Dr. Karan Castelino, this place is not that crowded.  You can spot the large salt pans that lie to the right side of the waterholes that are hidden in the acacia and mopane woodland.  These are almost similar to The Masai Mara in Kenya.  This place is quite famous for large game sightings.

Check back here to find out more about what is happening here in this place.


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