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What to Know About Going on a 4×4 Self-drive Safari

East Africa Safari

Driving under 4×4 self-drive safari means embarking on an African adventure which requires to hit and manage driving in a 4×4 in Africa along its roads which are bumpy, dirt with potholes and gravel during drives in national parks. Driving a circuit is going beyond the recommended driving speed limit threatening your safety and other road users. It is risky and not advisable to drive a circuit during a safari to a strange country. Anything can happen along the road and accidents are everywhere and bound to happen when driving recklessly.

Travellers take driving a circuit as fun and adventure not knowing that they are counting there last days on earth. Self-drive is about having confidence to set out on your own, at own pace and navigate the treasured destinations which are ready to share their true beauty with you.

Relax, don’t panic and don’t be over ambitious while driving on the roads of Africa. This will keep you safe and enable you utilize the required travel time. Travel as per the itinerary and do not try to fix other activities that were not earlier planned for. This will create a state of panic and cause circuit driving so that you can accomplish the safari including the additional activities.

Get time to rest than spending much of the time in the car driving. Relaxation calms the mind and refreshes the body preparing it for the next day activity. Get rid of the fatigue accumulated in the day and wake up with strong and peaceful mind to resume the adventurous roads as well avoid making mistakes on road.

Many travellers on self-drive have lost their lives as a result of driving a circuit and this creates a state of sorrow to the industry and people back home. Drive a regular stable speed limit to stay alive as well keep from committing crimes and fall culprit to road authorities. It’s better to reach late and safe than fast and don’t make it (dead).

Don’t rush on the road, first familiarize with the car as you get to gain confidence to ride in a strange country. The roads in Africa are different some are tarmac, murram and mostly in the country side are gravel. Check the car to see it mechanical condition, check the engine, Air conditioner, headlights, tires, brakes before the idea of riding a circuit comes to your mind.

Driving a circuit may land you into losses in case you damage the hired vehicle. The brakes can get loose and end up losing control which will put your life and that of the vehicle in danger. Remember any damage caused on the car during a safari will be paid according to the car hire agency terms and conditions. You will be stopped by traffic officers and charged for over speeding which is a punishable crime and you can be charged a heavy fine or imprisonment.

Before the idea of driving a circuit pops into your mind think about the other road users. Driving needs to look out for each other and this I mean driving careful at the right path/ side and not overtaking where it’s not necessary. Look out for stubborn taxi drivers and other users who think that they own the road and can over take when they want. They can make you do mistakes and cause accidents.

Animals tend to cross roads whenever they feel like so drive slowly and look for any sigh of animals crossing along the road. Drive a reasonable speed while in national parks to prevent hurting the innocent creatures roaming in their natural habitat. The roads are not friendly if you act stubborn and unruly and the end results are not that good.

Safety first and adventure comes next. A successful adventure is one where you ultimately enjoy without disturbance and to avoid that prevent yourself from driving circuit in a 4×4 self-drive safari. We are ready and happy to offer the best 4×4 cars from our fleet if you promise not to drive circuit throughout your safari.


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