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Visiting the Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis

Located in the Western Desert the Siwa Oasis is situated very near the Libyan border. This is the most secluded oasis town and the inhabitants have formed their own distinct. The Siwans speak a new language and have exquisite jewellery and crafts. There is a small airport here, which has put the Siwa Oasis on the tourist map. Very famous for the geographical beauty and the scenic beauty here, the hot springs are a great delight here for all. It is said that Alexander the Great came here traveling to this part of the world.

This is wonderful place where you can relax, unwind, and get the best of tour delights. The old town of Siwa goes back to the time of the 13th century and has a brick and mud architecture that is very special and unique. With the most enchanting sights of salt lakes, desert escarpment, dunes, and beautiful date plantations, this is a place that has preserved a lot of Berber culture due to the manner in which it is isolated. There is a 13th century fortress here which is a fascinating zone filled with lot of relaxation and rhythm.

Women have to be very careful if they are going here along in the springs and plantations. Siwa Oasis has many attractions out of which the Temple of oracle is very special. This is where Alexander is said to have come to confirm his divinity. There are some Graeco Roman tombs here, which are another lovely sight to enjoy. Then you have the Great Sand Sea towering dunes.

Safari companies in Siwa make sure you enjoy the best of safari delights and provide you with pleasures of an overnight camping trip. Come here to the Lubbaq Oasis and the White Mountain and enjoy the sweet delights of hiring sand boards and just unwind here in the pleasant ambience. Enjoy eating olives and dates here and experience the beauty of travels to this part of Egypt.

Located on a secluded oasis, this is around 550 km from the capital city Cairo. This is a region that is popular for its isolated settlements in the country. The local language is Siwi and the Siwa Oasis tribal people are called Siwi. Siwa is a huge region of olives and date palms and has many sights of attraction to its credit.

The Temple of oracle is located on the Aghurmi hill and is around 4 km from the siwa Town. Constructed in the sixth century BC it is mainly built for the Greek god Zeus. Kingshave sent armies to the temple due to the oracle power.

Then visit the Temple of Amun which si around 200 m further from the temple of the Oracle. This is a structure that is totally ruined as it was dynamited in the year 1896 by a governance that was eager to get the building material for the same. There is an inscribed wall here and also many other drawings drawn by explorers and pioneers. It is said that the temple was constructed by the Pharaoh Nectanebo.

Then you can visit Cleopatra’s pool. This is a natural spring that fills the rock pool, which is a hugely attractive swimming hole fore ht visitors and the locals alike.

Then there is Fatnas Spring, which is a great place to visit with idyllic settings among the palm trees and amidst the luscious greenery. This is a great place to watch and the delights of seeing the sun set is something irresistible.

Then there is the Gebel el Mawta, which is the Mountain of the dead and is located around a kilometre from the Siwa town. It has many rock cut tombs, which go back to the time of the Roman and the Ptolemaic period. You also have the Siamun tomb, the Mesu-isis tomb, the Niperpathot tomb, and the Crocodile tomb. The Gebel Darkur is around four kilometres from the Siwa town and here you can enjoy a bath of hot sand for more than twenty minutes and also have tea. It is said to be a good spot for curing rheumatism.

The Siwa Oasis is a lovely place to visit in the northern part of Africa and fills your travels with the best of tour memoris.


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