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Visiting Uganda: Advice for First Time Travelers


Travelling is fun and comes with experiences to learn from. Uganda is a hospitable country that welcomes each and every one. The Ugandan People are the most hospitable and the warmest you will ever find on the African continent. Are you planning to visit Uganda? Would you like to take a Uganda safari and discover some of its amazing places? Each country of travel always has its own experience and thus we come up with tips to help you travel safely in Uganda.

Yellow vaccine card

For every visitor coming to Uganda must have a proof of a yellow vaccine card, it is a requirement asked at every entry border. Uganda lies in the malarial zone with chances of contracting malaria. You can have your vaccine shot a week before travel.

Legal travel documents

Remember to carry all your travel documents including passports, medical cards and Prepare to apply for a visa card before reaching the border point and hustle. You can apply for it 2 weeks before on line or else pay 50$ on arrival and your three-month tourist visa is given to you. The disadvantage paying on arrival is delay processing it. Remember you are not alone in need.


For the first time traveler to Uganda you need to check the weather forecast and know the season you are travelling in. Uganda is in the tropics and receives heavy rains in the months of march to May the September to November therefore you need to pack rightfully your warm clothing, gum boots and umbrellas however the rest of the month are dry with light thunderstorm and temperatures ranging from 16-27 degrees while travelling you need to bring your sun screen, light clothes. During the rainy season you may need to budget for a 4-wheel drive if travelling to remote areas while road networks are poor.

Money and forex

You will need local currency for easy transaction, there are many forex with good exchange rates however you are advised not to move around with lots of cash. Alternatively, you can as well come along with your electronic visa card for transaction in big shopping malls. We highly recommend using a forex for exchange as you may get a raw deal from the streets

Language and communication

Ugandans are hospitable, friendly and cannot pass by without a greeting. There is a collection of many tribes in Uganda but within the city Luganda is the common language. Learn a word or two to also feel the society especially greetings. Forexampe ‘’gyebaleko” meaning well-done and ‘’webale’’ for thank you, you will also probably hear the word “Mzungu”, this is not an insult but calling you out which means a white person.

Respect people and culture

Please note that it is a crime in Uganda to take photos in government administered grounds. These areas will include border points, police stations, courts, parliament and even airports that run both civil and military flights. Perpetrators will be prosecuted and fined whether it will be your first time travelling to Uganda or not. Also, you are advised to respect the locals and not take photographs without their consent nor trespass their property.

Make sure to utilize day time to travel and explore, just like any other country. Uganda has a lot of hooliganism and robbery especially late hours of the night. You are advised to stay safe and avoid dark corners and moving alone.

Food and accommodation

Uganda has fertile soils where locals grow their food. Every thing you eat is always fresh from the garden. Enjoy the local cuisines and Ugandan delicacy at the top-notch restaurants, simply ask for local food and you will be served. However, there are lots of Italian, Chinese and Indian restaurants for the international cuisines.

Uganda has well established hotel management, you will always find good accommodation service with improved quality services to suit your budget and need.


Following the western world culture of tipping, Uganda is slowly picking, however it is not mandatory to if you will services offered are not worthy a tip. Tipping usually range from 1000 and above depending. Don’t be forced to tip if you don’t feel so.


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