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Can You self drive in Uganda?


“Can you self-drive in Uganda or Can I self-drive in Uganda?” is the first question asked by travelers who wish to visit Uganda and traverse the country on their own. Self-drive travel is a trailblazer among different tourists of Uganda. Self-drive in Uganda renders travelers the freedom and privacy to explore the different tourist attractions at their own pace. The advantages and rewards of self-guided tours are witnessed by the growing number of travelers engaging and interested in them.

However, there is pessimism about self-drive in Uganda among international travelers especially first-timers because of the remoteness and less developed infrastructures of the country. It is something that brings doubt among the tourists who come to ask the question of “Can I self drive in Uganda? or Can you self drive in Uganda?”.

For those who have doubts about self-driving in Uganda, It is time to erase them. Below are some of the factors and evidence to prove that you can self drive Uganda.

Successful trips are done by past travelers. 

For starters, self-drive in Uganda is a hundred percent possible and this is backed by the countless self-guided tours successfully conducted by travelers every day.

Reputable rental operators

Self-drive in Uganda is practicable due to the availability of reputable rental companies such as Car Rental Uganda offering the services. Uganda rental operators can hire the most ideal vehicle and also advise on where to visit and stay during self-drive tour.

Availability of Four-wheel drive vehicles

The rental cars provided to self-guiding travelers are tested and proven and also have the qualities of being driven on the ragged roads leading and found in most of the tourist destinations in Uganda. rental cars for Ugand self-drive are four-wheel drive, the main trait or feature any car ideal to drive in the countryside must possess.

Presence of tourist destinations to explore

Uganda is gifted by nature with ten national parks to its name. The national parks in Uganda have distinctive wildlife and topographies encountered and enjoyed by travelers. The beauty of Uganda always lures or compels tourists to visit it on a self-guided tour.

The size and good road network

Uganda is roughly a 240,000 km2 area, making it an easy expanse to explore on your own. It normally takes about 14-20 days to tour Uganda and all its ten national parks. More to that, the roads were immaculately constructed reaching out to every tourist destination. Therefore, even first-time travelers can easily access any national park or destination they wish to visit at the time.

Safety and security guaranteed

Uganda is a secure and safe place for tourists to visit. For the past three decades, Uganda has been free from devastating instabilities. There have been minor ones from disgruntled groups but have always been curbed in less than a day. The country is rebel-free, travelers can drive from south to north, west to east without encountering any security or safety-threatening issues. Police are everywhere to keep law and order and also the army is around the borders to protect the citizens and the visitors of the country.



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