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Serengeti More than Safe Despite the Drummer of tourists & Lions


Even when the wildebeest migration ends Serengeti offers   the most Excellent game-viewing in Africa year round giving opportunity to those who missed the migration to see the big five and also have a great moments of photography though the park management doesn’t allow night game viewing. But if you have enough time, Ngorogoro crater, Tangire and Lake Manyara shouldn’t be missed since they are the finest wildlife parks for game viewing in Tanzania.

Despite the unexpected shock experienced by tourists on November 10th 2015 in Serengeti which was caught on camera as the lions attacked the tourists vehicle and put hole on tires, the park is too safe for tourists evidenced by hundreds who visited the same place days later after the incidence.

According to the photos taken on the scene on a Tanzania safari by a tour Guide from Arusha Emmanuel Bayo show that lions attacked a tourist truck at Serengeti National park to the extent that the vehicle tires become flat while other tried to smatch the truck windows a thing which made all the tourists in the vehicle to flick out thinking they where already in heaven to meet God’s judgement. Truly it was a tough moment for the tourists but the great news is that all tourists came out of the car safe and sound with no injury or wound. The drummer lasted for an hour as the hungry lions where trying to get a kill something they might have missed for a while.

However there is a lot to see and discover in Serengeti though the parks prime attraction is wildlife with hug populations of Zebras, elephants, hippos, baboons, giraffes hoofed animals, and lions. It’s good to exit the park with all the memories and fun moments after exploring it to its fullest. View the wildest migration but needs right timing, take photo captions of the Serengeti hippo pool, visit the Olduvai Gorge an historic place with the Leakey proofs of man, take a short walks on the Naabi Hill and get magical views of Serengeti National park.

Since Tanzania is great travel country with Africa’s most famous national parks and the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro rising above the Serengeti, take your time and pass trough Dar-es-salam   and head out on a grand massive safari with several wildlife viewing, bird watching and adventure. If you love sun bathing and playing in Sand the calm beautiful islands of Zanzibar is a place to be. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling can also be done off Pemba & Mafia Island in crystal clear water. As by its name “Serengeti” meaning extension the park extends lifetime memories of Africa’s beauty to the globe and for those wishing to visit the park soon all you need is to book your trip and all trip essentials and leave the safety responsibility to the park wardens and rangers.


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