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Travel Specials with the Primates of DR Congo

Gorillas in Congo's Virunga Region

With Congo’s charming nature rain forests and National parks numerous primates, wildlife attract several tourists to break days in both winter and summer with in the country especially in the Eastern part which is easily accessed through Uganda and Rwanda. The country welcomes everyone any time of the year and tourists enjoy first hand adventures in the guidance of park rangers. In order to explore Congo’s best tourism region Mountain Gorillas in Virunga, or low land Gorillas in Kahuzi Biega, Chimpanzees in Tongo sanctuary north of Nyamulagira volcano, Banobos and a hike to Both Nyiragongo and Nyamulagira volcanoes are a must during your vacation visit in the country. You can chose to visit Uganda or Rwanda for other adventures and later connect to Congo. Remember the country share the only remaining population of mountain Gorillas with Uganda the Pearl of Africa and Rwanda the land of thousand hills.

However is another exciting tour activity which makes bird lovers look at DRC as a birding paradise. Also different monkey species can be seen during different forest walk which makes the rain forests more stimulating and worthy exploring. For those looking to gorilla tracking around seven Gorilla families of both low land and mountain Gorillas are habituated and ready every day for Gorilla visitors to Congo. Missing out a trek in Congo is too rare so long as you book your Trip essentials in time. Sometimes tourists chose to track Gorillas in volcanoes National park and later visit the two live volcanoes of Nyamulagira and Nyiragongo found near the town of Goma a connecting town between Rwanda & Congo. While in Goma you can take 1-2 days off and visit the   Rwanda’s finest beach Lake Kivu found a Gisenyi a close town to Goma.

When it comes to the region’s wildlife Virunga National park is prime in the East African Region despite the illegal wildlife trade, hunting and deforestation from locals and unknown people which affect the endangered primates and wildlife. A lot makes DRC a special tour destination in Africa including the White Rhinos, & African elephants found Garamba National park a famous for elephant riding safaris in Africa as the park’s main attraction.Other wildlife   includes the rare & Unique Okapi at Epulu, and the Efe pygmies people who still live in the ancient life style. Though Congo is full of locals and visitors seeking for tour fun and leisure, the country is blessed with a wide range of primates, birds and wildlife.

It’s also a rich resource country with two-thirds of the world’s remaining rain forests a home to all the beautiful primates and wildlife. If Africa is next on your bucket list why not discover the continent treasures on the border of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo or explore the beautiful countries of Uganda and Rwanda for Game viewing, water adventures, mount climbing, hiking, culture tours, beach gateways plus thousands of amazing birds. Gorilla tracking, chimpanzee and hikes are the most done tour activities in the region draw many tourists to the lucky countries with the rare mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. Still in the region it’s more fun when it comes to wildlife concentration in Masai Mara and Serengeti during the wildebeest migration.


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