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Experience Wildlife Photography Safaris in Uganda

Uganda Lions

A photo safari is a special experience! Long days, many animals, changing weather, variable geography and differing environments all offer excellent opportunities for great photography experience. You can get the finest shots of all types of wildlife including if lucky the tree climbing lions, Mountain Gorillas and also the ever welcoming faces of the Ugandan people and the diverse scenery of this African country. We understand that everyone has different interests and travelers want the freedom to make their great adventure everything they want it to be.  It is only your schedule we have to honour as you personally design your safari and honour your pace.

Uganda is a paradise for bird lovers. There are more than 600 species of birds in the country. Those who have always been looking for a chance to meet gorillas in the open nature will find the right place in Uganda to fulfill their dreams. There are several protected areas, high above the dense foggy rain forests of Uganda, where you will have the chance of watching the peaceful giant gorillas in the wild. Experience Africa will always be sure that you have a memorable and unforgettable wildlife photography safari and to book this unforgettable experience visit this website.

You can also watch chimpanzees in some of Uganda’s wildlife reserves. The big lakes, the roaring Murchison Falls, Lake Victoria and the wild run of the River Nile are further highlights. Surely Uganda offers the best platform to experience primal Africa. The country is in the middle of social and political changes and hasn’t fully been opened to tourism but you’ll feel absolutely safe all the time. So adventurers and primate lovers will find Uganda an ideal and exclusive travel destination.

This amazing photo safari will take you to the last remaining mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and other stunning wildlife of Uganda. You will find spectacular landscapes and amazing people during your journey. Our travels to Uganda offer the unique chance to experience an original Africa. The travels are rather expeditions than standard holiday travels and that’s why we can offer an ultimate adventure. Uganda is one of our most individual destinations far away from common travels.

Most of our photography will take place outside vehicles but for those with in the vehicles, we will use 4×4 09 seater Land cruiser. These will provide each photographer with a seat and window as well as plenty of room for all your gear.


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