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Planning a Safari in Uganda


Uganda is famous for being the land of natural diversity. Ugandan culture is a collection of various cultures. Uganda is a multi-cultural country where all the various tribes have influenced each other and helped them grow. Uganda geography is full of variety, the snow capped mountains of Rwenzori, the ever green vegetation, beautiful land, rain forests which all have a natural beauty. All this makes Uganda a popular tourist destination. To make your trip unforgettable here are some important tips to remember while you’re traveling to Uganda.

First and foremost you should book a good traveling agency which will assign you a personal agent. Discuss your budget and preferences with your travel agent to ensure that you have a memorable and remarkable journey. But make sure that you choose a certified traveling agency which is also well recognized. Discuss all the possible tour packages with your agent and choose the best suited package for yourself. Make sure that your ticket and hotels are all booked in order to avoid any last minute hassles. You can do this for your self or you can ask your travel agent to do this on your behalf or a tour consultant to do it for you.

Before you reach your destinations do a bit of research about the place that you will be traveling to. You should be familiar with the culture and language of that place. By following some important tips to remember while you’re on a safari in Uganda, you will make sure that you don’t offend the local people and enjoy their hospitality. Also check the weather conditions of your destination and pack your luggage according to that. Make sure that you travel light because you will have heavier luggage full of souvenirs when you go back home from your safari.

Keep a small first-aid box with all the medicines you might require during your journey. Don’t forget to keep all your documents in a safe place and carry a photocopy of all the documents. Don’t delay either by staying in one place for to long cause this will lead to a delay in your whole tour plan which will disrupt your whole itinerary. Always follow your agent’s advice and also the list of some important tips to remember while on a Uganda safari in order to enjoy a stress free vacation and also to have a wonderful time in Uganda.

While going to religious building like; the Bahai temple, Gadafi mosque, and churches always follow the local code of conduct and also respect the culture and traditions of the local people. While visiting the markets and craft shops when shopping for local handicrafts don’t forget to bargain. But always prefer to shop from government recognized outlets to ensure that you are not cheated by the shopkeepers. To enjoy beleaguer free vacations follow the above given tips then you wont any thing to worry about and remember to have a good time in Uganda. All these tips will make your Ugandan safari an experience you will cherish all your life.


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