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Traveling with Toddlers

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Africa is a family friendly destination that is capable of taking care of visitors of all ages.

To ensure a stress free Africa family safari you are best visiting with your baby malaria free areas. I would recommend visiting South Africa, although advance preparation is the key if you want to enjoy Africa as a whole with the baby.

Traveling with a baby of this age can be stress free as they sleep for longer periods and can’t move around yet. They cope well with disruptions and several hours journey so this can be an ideal time to travel with your baby.

Booking hotels which are already offer baby sitting services and family friendly accommodation will ease the mood. Some African countries experience intense heat from the sun that wont be good for a baby.

Visiting the winter or cool months of the year would be advisable.

Traveling with toddlers to Africa would be a safari to remember. Most lodges, hotels and tour operators can cater very well for this age’s needs. Some lodges have Well supervised kids clubs and offer ready feeding and sleeping cots facilities for toddlers.

Pre-booking early enough in some lodges can cater to your family’s accommodation needs, but its always best to check and reserve if necessary at time of booking.

Well established medical facilities are generally available which can cater to your baby if anything happened.

Most super markets generally offer internationally well recognized products such as Huggies and Pampers are the main brand nappies available. Johnson and Johnson wipes & toiletries are also available, and some lodges will provide for free.

From the age of 4 years, Africa tends to be more accommodating and less stress free. Most tour operators will allow your kids to take part on a guided safari.

At this age your kids will love the wildlife as they are already familiar with some animals. seeing them live will really excite them.

Most accommodation will be equipped to cater for your kids, offering kids swimming pools, kids club facilities to keep them entertained as you go for your safari if the restriction affects them.

Kids interact very well with other kids, so you will be sure they won’t get bored if you left them behind.


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