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Going on a Safari in Uganda

Uganda Giraffes

My dream vacation has always been on and off for a long time due to different reason, but the most common one being that the cost has always been too costly. I never seemed to be making enough money to go for it and when I’d try to save a lot of money something would always happen like; family issues, personal issues, work issues and then I’d end up spending it when I had scarified so much and I had worked very hard to save it.

After a few promotions were over and many years had passed I almost gave up on my dream though I still kept on saving. After time went by and all of my children graduating from college and moved out, I then decided to finally book my dream vacation and see Africa for myself. This is a once in a lifetime trip and experience, so I’m not making the decision lightly.In booking this vacation, i made a lot of safari planning! There were various options and offers from different tour operators including both all inclusive safaris and self drive vacations in Uganda.

I’ve been reading reviews of many tour and safari companies that offer safaris and I’ve finally found the one I’m going with. They offer a variety of safaris like; wildlife, primates including, gorillas, chimps and monkeys, rafting, hiking, mountaineering, cultural, sightseeing and many more.  I then decided to take the longest which is known as a super safari that take 13 days. This safari has a combination of gorilla, chimps and wildlife, covering both countries of East African; Uganda and Rwanda. I feel so thrilled that I can finally do something in life and I cannot wait to explore what lays a head on this safari.


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