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Africa Visas are easy to obtain however, not all African countries issue visas for entry. For those that stipulate the need to a visa to allow entry, you will generally need to have a passport that is at least valid for six months.

This is a document issued to you and your family members by your country of citizenship, this establishes you and your family’s identity. This document allows you or a member of your family to exit and to re-enter your country of citizenship.

Without this document you and your family members are limited within your country’s borders.

Some African countries tend to issue visas at the port of entry. The representing officials have the right to decide who may or not enter their territories. Most countries have an agreement to charge a fee to process your permission of visit. You must also have at-least some empty pages left and your passport is a still valid for at-least the next 6 months.

The visa gives the immigration officials the full information they require to ensure you are admitted to the country for the right purpose and duration. A visa certifies that you have been screened before entering the country

Once given the visa, ensure that you abide by all the laws of the country to avoid removal.

Country Resources to Apply for Visa

Direct links to the most reliable websites with details about Visas to Africa’s trending Tourism destinations.

Zimbabwe: https://www.evisa.gov.zw/

Zambia: http://www.zambiatourism.com/travel-info/visa-information

Rwanda: https://www.migration.gov.rw/our_services/visa/

Kenya: http://www.kenyaembassy.com/dcservices/appforvisaonline.aspx

Egypt: http://www.egyptembassy.net/consular-services/passports-travel/visa-requ…

Nigeria: http://www.immigration.gov.ng/index.php?id=6

Morocco: https://morocco.visahq.com/

Uganda: https://uganda.visahq.com/

Tanzania: http://tanzaniaembassy-us.org/?page_id=76

South Africa: http://www.vfsglobal.com/southafrica/uk/

Namibia: https://namibia.visahq.com/

Botswana: http://www.botswanaembassy.org/page/guidelines-for-completing-a-visa-app…