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Important Safari Tips to Know

Before you fly off to Africa, you need to do a bit of planning and research. For those coming from countries with colder or temperate climates, you might find the African sun a little unforgiving; as such, you may want to take some precautions and allot some time for acclimatization. You would also need to prepare sun protection equipment like hats, dry-fit shirts, and sunblock. As you are going to see wildlife in nature, it’s best to dress simply and comfortably.

Check with your doctor for medical and dietary concerns too, and relay them to your tour operator. You can also check out the accommodations you’d want for your trip. It’s highly recommended to mix in luxury accommodations with natural camping styles for a truly authentic experience.

Don’t forget your camera!

It’s best to have zoom lenses so you can get close up shots of the animals while in the safety of your 4×4 vehicle. Tourists’ safety is a primary concern, so listen to your tour guides and respect the natural space of the animals. Remember that you are in their natural habitat, and you are a lucky witness to the spectacle before you.

If you’re up for more adventure, you can choose to have walking safari tours, balloon and flying safaris, or visits to local villages to learn more about their way of life. Africa is not just about natural beauty and wildlife viewing; it also boasts a rich history and culture that has become renowned all over the world. Visit local tribes, natural parks and museums, or check out the night life.

When to Go on Safari?
The best time to embark on a safari to Africa depends on the exact African destination you’ve chosen and the adventure activity to take. Generally, the most suitable time is the dry season which is basically the winter season for the region. However, it is very expensive to travel this time. Since wildlife is the major attraction that makes safari to Africa thick, you would also want to put the migration patterns of the animals into consideration when choosing the right time to go.

What Africa Offers
Africa is an immensely rewarding place to travel to, thanks to unspoilt natural surroundings, such as the wildlife and vegetation, and the spectacular landscapes When on safari, you may see everything from snow capped mountains of the Rwenzori to forests and white tropical beaches, all in a day’s travel- it’s that diverse. Finally the local traditional cultures add to your Vacation like no where else in the world.

Where in Africa
Safaris began in Kenya and Uganda and Tanzania and these are the best destinations for a safari. A kenya safari offers amazing diversity and superb wildlife viewing. Uganda,Southern Africa, including Botswana, is a good location too, known as for the scenery and rich wildlife in natural surroudings.

Take the Time
A safari in Africa is in some ways like an expedition – exciting and adventurous, but requiring careful thought and planning , which is what we, as Africa travel guides, are there for. so whether you have 3 days or 30, make sure you do not plan on a rush.Sometimes,it takes a year a head to plan your travel to Africa.

Level of Comfort
Most of your safari will be in the ” bush “, but this does not mean your travel will always involve “roughing it” – you can have all the luxury you want ! Africa is home to many internationally reputed hotels and lodges, with well appointed rooms, excellent cuisine and deluxe facilities such as bars and swimming pools. You can also fly between most places during your luxury safari.For those travellers who doesn’t care about roughing it up,camping facilities are available in all african countries.Budget accommodations are also available.

Pick a good Travel/safari Company
You need a good and relaible ground tour operator to handle your safari.There are several briefcase safaris who can be troublesome.Local tour operators are always cheaper than internationally registered companies abroad. Without these middle agents, you get better prices as well as quality.Most local tour operators have websites and you can check with their local association that brings them together.Africa’s tour operators per country can be found here.

Africa Safari Planner : See our safari planning guide, to help you with the basics of designing your trip, be it a kenya,Uganda,south africa and tanzania safari , a beach vacation in Seychelles or Zanzibar or an adventure holiday.