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Guide to Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda


Standing in a narrow path with a the silverback gorilla as it enjoys its day bytes of bamboo tree leaves is a rare opportunity to all tourists to Africa and the main reason as to why many chose to do gorilla tracking tours in one of the three Mountain gorilla countries. Looking direct in the brown eyes of the silverback face is terrific but it’s the time for every Gorilla tracker to feel the unique atmosphere and get life time photos, moments and stories of Gorillas tracking adventure in Africa.

It’s beyond doubt that Rwanda is the most excellent gorilla tracking destination in Africa full of fun and flexibility. Gorilla tourists enjoy endless special moments with the gorillas each day of tracking and others return for second treks in order to experience more fun with the apes. You can also join the gorilla tracking tourists in Rwanda so long as you have a valid passport, update Rwanda tourist visa @$30, scheduled gorilla permit @$750 in order to track gorillas on the right day. Though not all foreign visitors to Rwanda need to have a Rwanda Visa but one has to check well on the list of foreign nationals who need tourists visa’s to visit Rwanda.

Rwanda is a travel destination and welcomes everyone who choose to discover its beauty and lovely attractions. Many tourists visit Rwanda each day but 90% of Rwanda foreign guests to the country come for Rwanda Gorilla tracking tours in Volcanoes national park. Among the many, some make last minute gorilla permit booking after having known that Rwanda has impressive life time attractions before their departure and most of them love heading out for short Rwanda gorilla tracking tours. I discourage last minute gorilla permit bookings though lucky tourists chance permit availability and still fulfill their life time adventure. But if you planning your holiday ahead of time it’s better to leave home for the trek when all your trip essentials are already in place. All Rwanda gorilla permits are booked and confirmed by cash based on first come first serve basis and no Rwanda gorilla tracking tour can be confirmed without booking a gorilla permit a back bone for the entire holiday. Even some gorilla lodges and accommodations get filled up especially during the high season and travellers miss staying in their desired dream lodges of comfort.

Of late due to the increased demand of gorilla tracking tourists, many hotel owners and investors have built several lodges around the park to cater for all the demand of travellers and a solution to disappointed travellers who miss the lodges due to last minute booking.

As per the saying that late comers eat bones, absolutely because when making last minute deals sometimes choice ceases out in your available options for decision making. In such circumstances travelers end up staying in poor standard lodges hence not enjoying your African safari tour. Mountain gorillas being the most endangered species on Earth and unique, one need to enjoy every moment of your stay so booking gorilla trip essentials early will make you fulfill the dream trip to Africa for a life time. When you retire in comfortable environment you even wake up fresh and ready for day and even meet the sliver back awaited moment in harmony and peace. IF lucky it may even touch you a common incident in most of Rwanda gorilla tracking tours. With the memorable moments which apes give humans still hate them making humans the first animal enemy who don’t only end at infecting them, injuring them but also sell them to zoos and research labs for personal gains. Others use them as food especially in Democratic republic of Congo one of the mountain gorilla countries in the east Africa region.


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