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Guide to Climbing the Kilimanjaro Mountain


The Kilimanjaro Mountain is the highest  in Africa. Many travelers would like to capture its roof and there are alternative routes that have been developed.

Travel Advisory

Carry with you enough warm gear that can sustain the body at winter temperatures. Temperatures drop to negatives as one ascends past cloud level (starting 2,500 meters above sea level).

Hiking Kilimanjaro costs between $1200-$1600 depending on tourism season. This fee covers for full board experiences throughout the six day adventure.

The best time to hike Kilimanjaro are warmest months. These run from January through mid-March. In the wet season, the floor of the mountain is slippery and thus hard to maneuver over.

The adventure is pre-booked. You can book your next Kilimanjaro Hike with Experience Africa Safaris, a local tour operator organizing expeditions throughout East and Central Africa.


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