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Meet Gorillas & Chimpanzees in East Africa

Nshongi Baby Gorilla

All primate and nature lovers consider tracking gorillas and chimpanzees in East Africa as their favorite most especially travelers visiting Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. It’s not that primates live only in these three countries but the beauty of the well conserved natural rain forests speak louder. Besides, gorilla and chimpanzee are well protected in the national parks of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Trips to see these are primates are also affordable and can be explored on just any budget. There are also discounted offers on the gorilla trekking permits within Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Don’t be intimidated by some gorilla permit prices yet many take on amazing gorilla and chimpanzee trekking tour on budget. Travel during low season months tend to be cheap and affordable in Uganda and Congo the two fine gorilla and chimpanzee safari destinations and it’s a perfect time when those on tight budgets explore the thick wild jungle forests in search of gorillas and chimpanzees. If you want a remarkable gorilla and chimpanzee safari tour, look no further other than Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. The weather in these countries shouldn’t be a concern because even during the so called rainy seasons, treks are perfect. See why many travelers to Africa opt to track gorillas and chimpanzees in the wilderness.

Nature of primates

Gorillas and Chimpanzees are renowned for exceptional beauty among all living primate species in the world. There morphology and behavior is adorable giving a thousand reasons to stare at them for all day. Males-the silver back behave just like fathers and females behave like mothers. They live in groups just like humans in a family and its usually the silver back to make way or even decide for the other family members. There hairy body, dazzling eyes and social character that they adapt too after habituation will give you a reason to support their conservation for the future generations. Seeing gorillas and chimpanzees is a true wild adventure in the heart of Africa

Life time experience

Great safari memories that last for life in Africa are only got by tracking gorillas and chimpanzees. Discover what makes the wild jungle forests very beautiful and a choice of many travelers to Africa with a simple logic of booking a gorilla and chimpanzee safari to Uganda, Rwanda or Congo. Though the experience of tracking gorillas & chimps is described differently according to several tourists but the impact everyone gets last for life hence being called “A life time Experience”. Get a chance to spend a 60 minutes with the beautiful primates in photography and observation or spend the all day observing their daily life in the jungle with gorilla doctors and conservationist on a gorilla or chimpanzee habituation program.

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism is not just about being green – it’s about ensuring a long-term future for African tourism the exact reality about gorilla and Chimpanzee safaris. Due to conservation, only eight people are allowed to see a particular habituated gorilla and chimpanzee family per trek in order to keep them in shape and in good mood. Still there are gorilla rules and regulations that govern tracking gorillas and chimpanzees in Africa. Among them every primate tracker should be health free from contagious diseases like flue , cough and chicken pox that may affect the primates as they conserve them for the future. Track gorillas and chimpanzees in the wild and promote sustainable tourism across the globe.


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