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The Sounds of Africa – always certain to bring you back on safari


Whenever I am away from Africa and missing the bush I have a little trick to bring me right back there. Just listening to the sounds of Africa on my computer and I am already there. There are a few iconic animal noises that have become synonymous with the sound of Africa. When watching a documentary about Africa or even while on a safari these sounds would have been heard and even if you were not able to identify them you should definitely recognise them immediately bringing you back to the safari experience.

The Fish Eagle

Whenever you are near water in Africa you will hear the distinctive call of the African Fish Eagle. It is most frequently seen sitting high in a tall tree from where it has a good view of the stretch of river, lakeshore or coastline, which is its territory. Near a lake with an abundant food supply, a pair may require less than a square mile of water to find enough food, whereas next to a small river, they may require a stretch of 15 miles or more. Click on the video below, close your eyes and take in, probably the most iconic sound of Africa.

The Hippo

While at the river or lake if you were lucky you will also have heard the grunting of a hippo. At Majuli River Lodge with Mike the soundtrack of the hippo runs day and night reminding me where I am at all times.

The Zebra

The zebra makes a distinctive call and is probably the most common sound heard on wildlife documentaries. Again, one of the iconic sounds of Africa and one to certainly bring you back.

The Helmeted Guinea Fowl

This is a real bush sound and one you would have heard but probably never seen unless you spooked some and then they blast off with the most alarming call giving you the shock of your life. These are a predators’ nightmare as no matter how stealthily they are a meeting with these birds will announce their presence to any animal within a couple of hundred feet.


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