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5 Adventures That Will Help You Lose Weight


As well-known, there are so many ways to kill a rat. However, certain ways are more effective than others—at not only killing the dreaded rodents but their entire family, if not clan. In the same measure, while there are many ways through which one can shade off weight to their desirable size, some ways are not only a quick fix, but equally pleasurable. Adventures like the following tops the list of such formulas.

Walking tours

Compared to other means of exploring a destination, especially driving and flying, walking tours could be the most fulfilling. It unfolds at a slow but steady pace allowing one to absorb the various sights and sounds their encounter in detail. In equal delight, the experience enables travelers to have extensive chats with locals thus giving them a priceless opportunity of know the untold story behind what their six senses see, touch, smell and feel along the way. However, there is more to walking tours than this. It is efficient at helping one fit into the smaller cloths of their dreams

According to Muniirah Mbabazi, a Nutritionist at NUTRISAT, a nutrition education and communication firm based in Kampala, one can burn up to 75 calories by simply walking at 2 miles per hour for 30 minutes. The more frequency with which one does this or rather, the faster the pace with which they do it, the more excessive calories they lose.

“Pace is everything in walk training. Do not expect to burn much if you walk like a bride.” She advises

In agreement with Muniirah’s tip, Jonathan Mukunda, a Teacher who lost 15 kilograms( from 93kgs to 78kg)—through this approach in a space of eight months remarks that it is for this reason that cows of nomads are usually toned off compared cows kept in paddocks for much of the time. Walking long distances is part of their life.

Away from weight loss, Muniirah also observes that this way of life reduces risk of heart disease and stroke as it’s a great cardio exercise. This helps in lowering levels of low-density lipoproteins (bad cholesterol) in the blood.


As one cycles, they encounter different terrains and landscapes. Depending on how hilly they are, one minute they could be flying down the slopes—only to start sweating profusely upon reaching its point of intersection with the immediate hill.

According to Muniirah, this helps in flexing muscles and joints thereby burning excessive calories that could increase chances of diseases that come with being overweight. Heart disease and type II diabetes are no strangers to the list of such diseases.

The 37 year old observes that by raising the metabolic rate, cycling prompts the burning of unhealthy fats which are excreted through sweating.

She recommends cycling for at least one hour per week. Through such commitment, one can burn over 1,000 kilojoules.

“For fascinating results, one opting for this option ought to combine it with a healthy eating plan.”

Tourists biking in Drakensberg, one of South Africa’s tourism gems


Due to its strenuous nature which entails ascending over rugged and steep faces of mountains, mountaineering offers aerobic exercise needed in improving cardiovascular fitness in participants. The sport also involves a lot of walking and rock climbing which help tone up legs, bums and waist.

According to Josephat Baluku a Mountaineering Coach with Rwenzori Mountaineering Services, this can be achieved fruitfully depending on the amount of attention one gives to their postures as they maneuver over the respective obstacles in mountaineering trails such as boggy stretches and ladders.

The magic with this approach though is not exactly in the hike as it climaxes in a few days after take-off. “Rather, it is in the respective activities one pursues while training for the adventure such as swimming, running, biking and carrying weighted backpacks.” Says expert who has hiked Mountain Rwenzori over 250 times while guiding clients since 2000

In terms of experience, what makes mountaineering a “must pursue” activity is that it is as easy as frightening a rat into fleeing! All it takes to pull it off is proper preparation and a positive attitude.

The other beauty with mountaineering is that it creates a sense of friendship by encouraging Team spirit during the climb.

Water rafting

Going by reviews about rafting on travel advisories especially trip advisor, it is natural to think of white water rafting at the Nile as an extremely risky water sport, if not an assured ticket to death. Far from it though, the sports is very safe. It is a daring and physical way to explore aquatic nature while delving into the great depths of the river. It’s a great way to navigate through calm and wild stretches of the river whilst bonding with a team of fun loving and adventurous people.

While the adrenaline rush is one thing you’ll live to remember this adventure for, you will also break a sweat.

Lwabaga Safa a raft coach with White Nile Rafting, a rafting agency based in Jinja notes that the adventure is as good as two days spent in the gym as it involves heavy paddling and swimming in nature’s freshness. The more the current of the river grows, the more water resistance one encounters and therefore the more their upper body works out vigorously as they take on the challenge.

This helps strengthen muscles just as much as it helps tone arms and back.

The most surprising thing about this adventure is that it can equally be pursued by adventurous who don’t know how to swim. Everyone is given adequate safety gear and survival tips prior to the actual expedition. That aside, there a safety crew that watches over each participant from the word go.


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