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What to Do When Stuck in the Middle of Game Park


Nobody ever plans or wishes to get stuck in Wild Park, but it does happen. Here is a Plan B if you fall victim! In the interest of not interfering with the ecosystem, the road networks in most national parks and game reserves across Africa are made of environmentally friendly materials. Mostly; earth, tarmac and wood. Some of these tracks equally double as transit routes for heavy duty tracks ferrying merchandise. Whenever it rains, the roads become very messy and impassable.

As such, a 4WD car is a must when exploring such destinations. They are more efficient compared to non 4WDs. However, using such means doesn’t totally eliminate the possibility getting stuck. Luckily, most Parks are served by rescue tractors that help whenever called upon. In this regard, it is important to have emergency contacts of the park you are exploring. They can be found on their official website of social media page.

Regardless of magnitude of trouble at hand, never step out of the car to fix the situation on your own unless in the company of an armed ranger. Doing otherwise will be misread by the wildlife as an attempt to poach them. As such, they might not hesitate to reproach you.

If there is any safety arena within proximity, you may walk to them for safety especially if there aren’t any possible hideouts of wildlife on your way. One should always walk in company or groups. Most importantly, they should not stray away as it makes them very vulnerable to attacks from wildlife.

Stay on marked trails. Making shortcuts is increases your chances of getting lost.

Most parks suffer limited access to good mobile network as they are found in remote regions. Similarly, phone batteries can always run out of charge. In this regard, always carry whistles which can be heard from afar. Nonstop blasts are a sign of communicating that one is in danger.

Always carry emergency kits which feature enough water, first aid kit and flashlights with extra batteries. You can never know when you’ll need them the most.

Do not tag along with strongly scented foods especially yellows when headed for a game drive or nature walk. They evoke the appetite of wildlife especially primates and heavy grazers like buffaloes, elephants. This could prompt them to cause as much trouble as it takes to get the food.

If you see a rescue helicopter, always wear bright cloths and lie down. That way, you appear bigger and more visible.


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