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One Way Car Rental in Africa: Things to Know


Rental cars are available in 2 types. There are one-way rental cars and two-way rental cars. One-way rentals in Africa are generally when a client pick up the vehicle in one location and drop it off in another location. The rental company then charges a fee in order to cover the expenses of returning it to its original location.

Normally, charges are applied when a visitor plans to travel between cities, airports, countries and or within the same town. Interestingly, booking one-way rentals offers the best alternative to clients on a plan to go on a long-distance tour or business trip.

There exist also 2 methods of one-way rentals. There is domestic and international one-way rentals. The domestic one-way travel come with rental fee or a charge can be waived as a result of partnerships which the hire company has with other rental companies. International one-way hire cars have a charge although not usually.

Why are one-way rental cars expensive?

The fact that the hire company has to meet some expenses of returning the car to its final destination post one-way drop-off taking place, it is no doubt that it is costly traveling using one-way rental. The charges can easily eat into client’s wallet however, it is a convenient means of traveling.  A client can be charged a surcharge-a fee you pay for dropping off the car in another location rather than its original location. This is different from the rate you rented the vehicle. Compared to round-trips, one-way rentals slightly cost much.

Why choose one-way rental services?

One-way rental services are preferrable based on varied reasons. Firstly, if you want to avoid retracing steps on a holiday, to go border crossing/cross-country tour, tour across the city, in case of airline delays or cancellations, cover unplanned tour changes and many others. You can choose from other fleet of one-way rentals in Rwanda or Uganda. These range from Pick up tracks, SUVs, Mini Vans to full-size Sedan rentals.

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Hiring one-way rentals is considered to be more expensive than hiring a round trip. But why? Here are some of the reasons you need to take note if you plan to rent one-way cars for your Rwanda tours.

The prices for one-rental cars are usually broken down into various components. They are as follows; the daily prices also known as time and mileage, one-way drop charge, taxes and fees.

The drop charges differ from company to company or within a single one-way hire company. The difference can even be huge for those under some memberships. But there is possibility to find the best one-way rental deal without even incurring any drop charge. Usually, the drop charges do differ depending on the long-distance hire cars.

Rental companies usually determine one-way drop charges depending on supply and demand principles. This is what guides many agencies or companies when hiring out their one-way hire cars. In case you pick a car in a location with demand take it to somewhere with less demand, the drop charge will definitely be higher. It is essential to look out for the best rates whether you are interested in a road trip or a one-way hire car.

One-way rentals are expensive because most hire companies need to cover costs especially where the car is picked from different location to original place.


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