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How to Safari in Style

Luxury African Safari

Some travelers on a safari are better than others. True we’re all equal as humans but however let’s make an argument that all travelers develop in due course learning and become accustomed to different travel styles. There are many characteristics of how to safari in style that some travelers want to have. To travel in style, you do not need many things; actually it is about planning well for your safari.

Travel Accessories

One of the interesting parts of planning for your safari is having the best travel accessories to help make your journey enjoyable. It’s amazing to travel in a company of others. However, your experience may be exciting when you can take control and prepare some accessories including smart phone, iPod, tablet, laptop, and camera just to mention but a few. It’s something special when you get to create an invisible attraction that keeps you in good mood. Whether its social media, music, reading books, make some preparation in advance and get good gadgets that will keep you happy on a safari right from boarding the flight to landing at your destination.

Plan and Book a Safari Online

Travel smart, find and book your safari with online with the right operator. Many travel agents charge booking fees but they also assure that if anything goes not as planned, they stand to make things right as they have been doing since the dot.com revolution. You are likely to arrive at your destination without worrying about transfer, where to stay or eat from.

Travel Like a Local

Enjoy some local cultural adventures. If that doesn’t sound great, my assumption is you have not experienced it. But the real deal is that such trips are meant to support lives of local people and conservation of wildlife that many run after during safari. Seeing the big five African mammals or trekking mountain gorillas is often regarded as classic African safari experiences. There are also pure eco-cultural experiences offered by warm local people. With experiences like visiting indigenous people such as the Maasai in Kenya or the Batwa in Uganda you’re not a spectator you’re when viewing wildlife but instead you get to participate in traditional activities. You relax and connect with locals, learn their traditional life when every traveler seems to share wildlife action or beautiful scenery.

Wear the right and protective clothing

It’s a typical game drive safari situation. You get on the vehicle excited about wildlife sightings, a few hours later your skin is burning due to scorching sun or it rains on you and start shivering. Don’t do that anymore; in you day pack, have a small neck towel, bush hat, rain jacket and changeable layers of clothing.

Like to travel to destinations with unusual weather and climate you’ve never experienced before? Then you better bring the right clothing gears so that you’re not affected by weather. Eastern Africa experiences both the dry and rainy seasons. Whichever time you decide to travel, keep in mind to protect your body by wearing clothes that covers up and protects the body. That is if you were planning to do hiking or adrenaline activities like rafting.

The toiletry bag is great to safari in style because when traveling you’re at risk getting germs. Your tendency to get sick may be linked to the hygiene you’re exposed.  So better be kin on your health and pack some health products and medications that you usually use. For instance ant-bacterial wipes, hand sanitizers keep your hands germs free so you can touch your eyes and face.

Carry one good bag to put all your personalized items so you can easily access them when you want. Don’t arrive at your destination checkpoint when you can’t find your passport or any other important item because you packed in your luggage suitcase. Keep all your essential items in a small hand bag or in your backpack to avoid inconveniences.

Light weight packing is a great way to avoid unnecessary luggage and weight. From checking in your luggage at the airport to your lodge room, heavy bags can be exhausting. So don’t make a mistake to pack much and bringing the wrong clothing. For most wildlife safaris, this is all you need, hiking boots, neutral color clothing and your favorite gadgets. Safari in style means being able to move around unbothered just like it is when you wear nice clothes.

Note book and pen

Any traveler out there understands that a pen helps for any paper work, be it filling forms at airport customs office, or noting down something.


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