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Hotel Reviews: 9 Reasons Why Stay at Serena Hotel Dar Es Salaam


Three friends and I stayed at this star hotel in June as we awaited our connecting flight from Zanzibar to Selous Game Reserve. It was supposed to have been a once in a lifetime experience, but it was so good that we all want to come back. Here are the reasons why we bet you will feel the same way when you visit it.

Among the things I’ll remember this hotel for is that it is a cozy hotel in Dar-Es-Salaam with views that are a feast for the eyes…. a concrete jungle on one side and a pristine ocean on the other (Indian Ocean). During my two days stay in it, I couldn’t get enough of the way its soothing breeze flirted with my senses…..
Why wouldn’t i recommend such a place, especially for honeymooners and business travelers??

  1. Food

Generally, the food was full of life and colour. The chefs were happy to accommodate to our every need. This included my fussy choices for foods that weren’t on the menu. Among the foods that melted my taste buds the most was the array of sea food, crubs, oysters… Beyond their irresistible looks, they had an enchanting and flawless taste. Ooh, they also felt healthy all the way, probably because they were prepared with cholesterol free natural oils. Friends have been asking me which particular one they should settle for when here. I’ve been telling them that they simply have to go and taste for themselves – words just don’t do it justice.

  1. Decor

The Decor, my gosh, the decor. I am still at a loss of words to describe it, where do I begin. It is not exactly the bling bling type that is flashy and desperate for attention. Far from it, it is classy and rich in history. It is made of indigenous hardwood that was over 50 years old before it was turned to decor. Over six months was dedicated to crafting it with extreme attention to detail. The result of this humbling devotion is a well polished master piece with a jaw-dropping beauty.  The type you cannot keep your eyes wide enough to see.

  1. Easy reach to other fun places in Dar Es Salaam like Cape town fish market
    Visiting Dar Es Salaam was a real ‘bucket list’ trip for us, so expectations were high-especially in regards to the town’s night life. We couldn’t be more delighted that the Serena Hotel was within easy reach from most of the happening places. Among the many we visited, the Capetown fish market floored us the most. It is an eat out that also doubles as a place to catch live-band performances.


  1. Cozy swimming pool

The gym was well equipped and fun to train at but we definitely preferred spending much time by the pool side. It was peaceful and free of crowds. It felt like we had the entire place to ourselves.

  1. Health-sauna
    I am not exactly a health freak but I don’t mind killing a few hours in the Sauna as its a great way to detoxify the body of stress. A visit to the sauna didn’t disappoint. It had a right balance between luxury and a relaxing vibe. Needless to say, the hotel is all inclusive and has a modest spa.
  1. Attentiveness of staff

The staff seemed to genuinely love their jobs, an observation based on the way they were always happy to help whenever their intervention was sought. One such was Joyce, the chef. This made the brief holiday feel special. One of the staff offered to put his cleaning on hold to take us on a brief tour around the golf course. How caring!!

  1. Little things
    The little things also went a long way in making our stay extra special. This included the fact that the atmosphere in the rooms was lovely as it was clean.


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