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Africa as a continent has many countries and attractions but Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, plus Congo have made history in having the most amazing attractions in Africa. The unique feeling that travelers get when they visit these countries make them very special. Besides most attractions add value to both the government and the surrounding communities in terms of revenue. There are lots of things to see in Africa. Africa has both Eco and Mass tourist sites from the beaches and resorts, game parks, other natural resources like mountains,rivers, valleys, lakes and valleys to the historical and cultural sites and architecture. Once you chose to discover Africa, discover some of the most amazing attractions like mountain gorillas, great migration, rich culture, Nyiragongo volcanoes, and wildlife and Landscape.

Mountain Gorillas

The most unique forest creatures that live in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo are simply the best when it comes to primate safaris in Africa. There are no better words to describe the experience one gets after tracking mountain gorillas but to some it all, gorilla trekking is the most thrilling wild encounter in the world. It’s still one of the most loved tour adventures in East Africa by adventurers and primate lovers. The hardest moment to forget is when you look into the eyes of the silverback and other gorillas during the one hour of photography and observation. Travelers are free to track gorillas twice or go for gorilla habituation and spend the all day with the rare forest creatures. Get impacted with the primate life in the jungle with a visit to Bwindi National Park, Volcanoes National Park, Virunga National Park and Mgahinga National Park. Other Amazing primates to track in are chimpanzees and golden monkeys in either Uganda or Rwanda.

The Great Migration

This can be only experienced in Kenya and Tanzania the two Africa travel destinations that have got fascinating history of wildlife and beach tours. Travelers enjoy viewing the concentration of wildlife plus the drama of crocodiles and wildlife as they fight a battle in water of survival for the fittest. Tanzania and Kenya are known for best wildlife safari tours and every day is a great day for wildlife viewing. I would recommend all wildlife National parks like Serengeti, Ngorogoro, Manyara, Masai Mara, Amboseli,Tsavo East,Nakuru,Tsavo West to all wildlife lovers. Besides they are fantastic for Family holidays, group trips, honeymoon and much more. Be the next to experience the magical land of wildlife and nature in Kenya and Tanzania.

Volcanoes Hiking & Climbing

In Africa Rwanda takes the biggest share of Virunga Mountains with five out of eight but three shared by Uganda and Congo, Nyirangongo in the most attractive and amazing a rewarding hike worth checking out while in Congo for gorilla trekking and other travel aspects. However, some travelers hiking the five in Rwanda is exciting especially Bisoke and Karisimbi that need only 2 days  after  or before other Rwanda tour adventures. But those who want to get a unique hiking experience from Rwanda to Uganda, Gahinga is perfect since its hiked in both countries and some travelers explore both sides. Hiking adventures are available on each of these volcanoes but best done during the dry months of the year-June- October and December to March.

Rich Culture & Landscape

A trip to Africa without a hit on the rich cultural traditions isn’t as amazing as one with  cultural experience .The famous rich cultural traditions are that of the Masai people, Rwanda people, the Batwa in Uganda and Karamojong’s in the Northern part of Uganda. Exploring these rich cultures take you back to real Africa the famous land of the black people who refused to get changes of the western culture. It’s only here that ancient traditional norms and beliefs reign.