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Some people in the world think Madagascar is not part of Africa and they call it the “eighth continent”. Madagascar is suspended away from the in land Africa as it is found on the Indian Ocean east of Africa. It is a very big island and the fourth largest in the world. Due to its isolation of African land mass 165 millions year back, it has a different flora and fauna and also landscape to offer that is way so different from that of the African continent. This is why it has become a must see destination in the recent year. Its tourism is growing day by day as the influx of tourists visiting the country is increasing drastically.

The main attractions in Madagascar are its magnificent landscapes that are from the wonderful beaches and other islands to the rainforests and semi arid deserts and the active volcanoes.

The national parks and the wonderful tropical rain forests are a dream experience to eco tourists. This gives a tourist a natural walk that he/she has never experienced before as he/she gets the chance to encounter the elusive lemurs, chameleons, geckos and frogs. There are also wonderful tree species and birds that are endemic to the island.

The magnificent coast and wonderful beaches make Madagascar the ideal ambience to relax and take away all the stress. The blue ocean water flows on the shore and the beaches are flaunted with palm trees and the far forest setting. There are also reefs which possess vibrant fish and corals.

When you come to Madagascar between July and September, you have an opportunity of watching the whale migration on boat cruise off the coast of the Île Sainte-Marie.

The most exciting highlights for tourists who visit Madagascar are the unique species of the lemurs endemic to the islands. The lemurs are classified as primates but are only found in the wild in Madagascar. There are different species of lemurs and each of them has its own style and character of living that are in the forests of Madagascar from the huge indiri, dancing sifakas, to the nocturnal mouse lemur the smallest mammals in the world. A meeting with the lemurs in Madagascar is terrific and a lifetime experience.


  • A cruise to whale watching during their migration between July and September
  • An excursion tour to Morondava where you’ll find the Avenue des Baobabs, a group of baobab trees lining the road with a good scenery
  • Hike Amber Mountain National Park that  is popular for its waterfalls and crater lakes. It also has a variety of wildlife that is home to 25 species of mammals, including eight species of lemurs, 75 different bird species, 60 reptiles, 35 frogs and over 40 species of butterflies.
  • tracking some of the different species of playful and attractive lemurs
  • Unwinding on the unhampered white sandy beaches.