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Samburu National Reserve

Samburu National Reserve is among the most rewarding wildlife destinations in Kenya. It is located in the northern part of the country and is close to three hundred and thirty kilo meters to the north of Mt Kenya.

The national reserve is located close to three hundred and thirty kilo meters from Mt Kenya and is situated in the temperate low lying areas that are populated primarily by the Samburu people. The tribe has had their home in this region since years. The reserve is small in size but has a variety of sights jam packed into one.

The Samburu National reserve is located to the north of the equator. Due to thus reason, the reserve is home to some unique animals that can only be seen in the northern hemisphere. You will see such animals in the northern hemisphere as the famous long necked Gerenuk, the Somali Ostrich and Grevy Zebra. The long necked Beisa Oryx located in Samburu is yet another highlight.

The size of the reserve simply belies the number of animals you will encounter in just one game drive. The Uaso Nyiro is where the entire life system in Samburu is centered on. You will see animals such as elands, gazelles, mongooses, guinea fowls, waterbucks, cheetahs, leopards and lions in plenty. This is in addition to the wide variety of avian species.

Samburu has a number of tented camps and lodges situated along the Uaso Nyiro River. You can choose from the Samburu Sopa Lodge, Samburu Intrepids Tented Camp, Samburu Serena Lodge, Samburu Game Lodge and Larsen’s Tented Camp. There are a number of camp sites as well.