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The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the best destinations to explore in Central Africa. The Democratic Republic of Congo is a beautiful country in Africa that has been less explored by many travelers but gorilla trekking takes place in Virunga National Park and Kahuzi Biega National Park. The second largest country in Africa and the eleventh in the world is lies in central Africa bordering Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. Being surrounded by great safari destinations, volcanoes, and wildlife and primate paradise parks, Congo is a place to be for your upcoming gorilla safari in Africa. As you plan your trip to Congo, there is much more to explore and enjoy beyond gorillas and all add value to your travel experience.

Things to Look Forward to   in Congo (DRC)

Virunga National Park

Conserved purposely to protect gorillas and to promote gorilla tourism in Africa. This large park stretch to Uganda neighboring Mgahinga national park and also to Rwanda where it borders volcanoes national park. A while ago tourism was slowed by the civil conflict and war that hit the country but today the country is stable and safe for tourism. Virunga national park a UNESCO World Heritage site and the most diverse area for mountain gorillas and wildlife offers exceptional gorilla trekking experience to travelers across the world.

Virunga has six habituated gorilla families for tourists but Kabirizi is the largest with 32 members named after its silver back “Kabirizi. Those interested to see baby gorilla’s .kabirizi has 10 of them that will make your day simply the best. Others are lulengo, Rugendo,Mapuwa,Munyaga, and humba that make gorilla trekking  the most done tourist activity in Virunga. Other tour activities in Virunga include Nature walks, landscape viewing and chimpanzee habituation a good primate activity to be added on your gorilla trek.

Mountain Nyiragongo Goma

Find this world most beautiful active volcano in Congo in the western branch of the rift valley near Lake Kivu. I got my question answered why tourists could overnight in Lake Kivu a day before there Nyiragongo hiking safari in Congo. To climb this mountain one has to be fit enough since climbing to the top is more difficult than what you can imagine. Many get to the top tired, thirty and a little sick yet they start the trek when fine and healthy. Looking at the dazzling lava lake make you forget all the tough struggles to the top. Even waking up in the morning feels like living on the top of the world. Surely its one of the awesome trips you can ever enjoy in Africa.

Lola Ya Banobos in Kinshasa

I believe you will feel glad to visit banobos in there reserve and tourists get to this reserve by boat and al banobos here are habituated and friendly to humans. Truly Congo has a natural heritage from heaven that is found nowhere else in Africa than Congo. From Gombe by road its just 1 hour and the journey is just fine. Park guides take you around to meet these lovely primates giving opportunities to get close for photography and memories. Would advise all guests to eat and enjoy life after meeting these primates and donate a dollar to support the sanctuary. Lola ya banobos are a must visit for every one heading to Kinshasa.

Zongo Falls in Zongo

Another wonderful waterfall in Africa worth visiting on your Africa safari tour. The fall is just in around 128 km from Kinshasa and it’s a four 3-4hour hour journey by road on a bumpy road filled with potholes, stony and sandy ridges at the edges of the road offering tourists a real African safari experience  for life. Traffic can be found on the road a symbol of beauty about the might falls. Be ready to take a walk and also hike to the top to get to the view point. Don’t miss to enjoy tasty lunch at the resort with locals before driving back to Kinshasa. Zongo falls is simply spectacular and t perhaps one of the top destinations in Congo. Good on a free weekend to take out stress.

Lake Kivu Goma

Beautiful Lake, landscape and cool shores but not good enough for swimming. Visitors here enjoy the breath taking relaxing spot. This is another great stop tourists enjoy after a day hike up to Nyiragongo crater and those from Congo gorilla safaris. The place offers perfect rest; hotels and lodges have delicious food and hospitality services that I can recommend for every traveler to Virunga National   park.