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The landscape of Kenya is iconic with vast open plains, dramatic escarpments and endless vistas. It was here that the first organized wildlife vacations took place and the country’s diversity of wildlife, people and culture continues to make Kenya a top choice for safaris in Africa.


Tanzania is the land of contrasts and majesty, Africa at its most wild and unexplored. There is the snow-capped summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the sun-kissed white sands beaches of Zanzibar Pemba and Mafia, the vast herds of game grazing on the endless plains of Serengeti and the slow volcanic eruption of Ol Doinyo Lengai. With so much natural wealth, it’s no wonder that Tanzania has something for everyone.

South Africa
South Africa has an abundance of wildlife and scenery, from the sandy beaches, sheer, forest-covered cliffs, and amazing marine life of its coastline to arid deserts, peak-filled mountain ranges and open bushveld savannah.

This diversity of habitats is echoed in the country’s peoples and history. The first human inhabitants (the San people) and the powerful civilization of Mapungubwe and Thulamela of a thousand years ago have given way to a 21st-century country filled with a colorful mixture of people and cultures, a heady history and a natural heritage that has South Africans defining their land as “a world in one country.”