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Egypt is located in North Africa. Egypt is famous for its ancient civilization, with famous monuments such as Giza pyramid. Libya borders the western side of Egypt, while the eastern side edged by the Red Sea and northern side by the Mediterranean Sea.


Kenya is famous for the geographical variety it has. It is located astride the equator on Africa’s eastern coast. Kenya is surrounded by Ethiopia and Sudan on the north, Tanzania on the southwest and Uganda and Victoria Lake on the west.


Botswana is a coutry located in Southern Africa. It has land borders with Zimbabwe in the northeast, South Africa in the south and southeast and with Namibia to the west. This country is highly famous for tranquility and peace, beef and diamond.


Zimbabwe offers some of the best wildlife park in Southern Africa.

South Africa

South Africa, most interesting and diverse country in the world.


Rwanda is famous as “the land of a thousand hills”, has vast variety of wildlife.
Congo Tour Congo Tour Congo, beautyful landscape along with forests, lakes, wildlife etc.


It is famous for wildlife,has largest elephant population in Africa


It is world’s oldest desert,the highest sand dunes.


It has some of the world’s best park, you can see flora and fauna.


It has world’s natural attraction such as Kilimanjaro…